US Project (2012)

Paintings from the US Project 2012 that took place in Pittsburgh, PA.

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  1. Shawn
    July 22, 2014 at 8:18 pm

    Wow, this gallery seems to fall nothing short of outstanding in its use of expression and interactive landscaping. When one views a single painting, a journey befalls the eyes and the eyes can easily react by moving across the landscape and obtaining a sense of magical wonder very much like a child does when first arriving in a foreign world. This effect is magnified in viewing this gallery, painting to painting, like an excited traveler being carried across worlds by the extensive depth and variety of the US Project. It might just be me, but I felt like I was actually moving across mountains, constantly increasing in elevation as I scrolled up from the bottom of the virtual gallery, arriving somewhere akin to the moon where two strangers gaze upon one another, carrying upon their persons the colors of the various scenes in the worlds below them. It almost seem as if they can see the change in one another and recognize that the beauty of all other paintings is still with them even against a desolate sky.

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