Questions about the US Project

What is the US Project?

The US Project is a five year project committed to promoting awareness for the work of Bulgarian artist Anastas Konstantinov in the United States. Although Anastas’ European reputation is quite good, his name is obscure in North America. We strongly believe that Anastas’ artistic talent and singular vision deserve to be known here.

If he’s so good, why don’t people know about him?

That’s a complicated question. Anastas began to paint in Bulgaria while it was still under harsh communist rule. He grew up largely in poverty. In 1986, one of his exhibitions which had attracted a lot of attention from the public was shut down by the Communist Party for “religious and ideological diversion.” You can learn more about this here. While this didn’t totally shut him off from success, it certainly detracted from it. Additionally, Bulgarian art is not widely acclaimed on the international art scene. The installation artist Christo is perhaps the only Bulgarian with a far-reaching international reputation.

By the way, the project is generating awareness for Anastas in the United States. Check the Events tab to see some of the most recent events.

Okay, that makes sense. So what has happened so far?

The project is in its second year out of five. It is building a strong awareness for Anastas in the US, as well as exposure and excitement for the spirit of his art. The US Project has generated even more enthusiasm for the art of Anastas in his own country, gaining the interest of television, radio, and art publications in Bulgaria who are increasingly understanding Anastas’ important contributions to European and world art. A couple of the events that have taken place. Anastas came to the United States for three months during summer of 2012 to paint. The Starry Night Exposure Program selected him as an important emerging international artist, and through this program Anastas presented those oil paintings from 2012 at the Select Fairs New York and Miami. A few private events have taken place in Pittsburgh, where Michelangelo Celli, the manager of the US Project, resides.

What are the plans for the future?

Right now our top priority is getting Anastas’ work shown in a prominent gallery in the United States. If you are a gallery who is interested in showing Anastas’ artwork, please write us a note using the form on the Contact Us tab.

If you have another question that we don’t answer here, leave a comment! We will get back to you shortly.

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