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July 18th, 2014: Since the start of the US Project, Anastas has been able to touch many Americans spiritually and emotionally with his art. Many of these Americans have in turn been inspired by the goal of bringing his art to the United States and have aided that goal. We have tried to track down and interview as many of them as we can. Here’s a powerful excerpt from one interview:

Q: How does Anastas’ art affect you?

A: It’s like a door, a special door in my consciousness is opening to something of value, something of meaning. It gives me back a feeling of contentedness that there are still people in art who can convey meaning. When you have seen people crying in front of Anastas’ paintings, you will understand what I mean. 

Read the full interview with Dani Palkova

There are a few more interviews up and more on the way. Today marks the first blog post on this site. It is also the first day of our brand new Twitter account and the first day of the new front page! A day of firsts.

Anastas is wrapping up his huge exhibition in Plovdiv and is looking forward to starting new projects. He will travel to the United States again sometime this year. We’re looking forward to his visit!

-The US Project team

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